The word volute is derived from the Latin word for scroll. These familiar scroll shapes have appeared as architectural adornments dating back to the fifth century BC. Common in nature, this pattern appears in the curved shells of mollusks and the horns of rams. Our artisans at Beautiful Custom Stairs are able to interpret this swirling design into wood.

Our woodcrafters at Beautiful Custom Stairs understand the geometry and have the needed skills to create the elegant curves of the volute. Using a single piece of wood, our artisans can expertly carve a volute, creating a sensuous hand rest for Beautiful Custom Stairs.

The wreath is a three—dimensional transitional piece of the handrail. It requires our woodcrafters to make a single piece of wood appear as if it is curving and gently twisting upwards to join the main handrail from the horizontal surface of the volute. Our artisans at Beautiful Custom Stairs possess the extensive woodworking knowledge and skill needed to create these intricate pieces.

Designing a handrail with a wreathed volute requires precision planning. Our artisans are able to achieve a pleasing natural sweep from the volute to the handrail. Additionally, in carving the perfectly sized volute, we are able to attain a visual balance between the volute and the newel that invites the eye and hand to rest comfortably on the smooth scroll of wood.

Creating complex wreaths and volutes is just one area in which Beautiful Custom Stairs excels in artisanship. Because of our experience, each piece of the balustrade system is proportionally sized lending to a balanced work of art. Make an appointment for a complementary consultation from Beautiful Custom Stairs.